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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bidbits 13

K 6 5
Q J 5
A 10 7 5
10 8 6

East is the dealer and East-West are vulnerable

1 Pass

WEST is arguably a limit raise in diamonds, 4333 is a minus, 2 tens are a plus. But it's not clear, and there are plusses for a simple 2D.

After 1D-2D, EAST should reverse with 2H. With 7 controls, EAST's hand is far stronger than the 16 HCP. EAST's actual 3D bid is wrong. It misstates diamond length, uses up too much room

Note that if EAST's shape was 3361 , moving one small heart to a 6th diamond, that there is no play for the slam. With a 3361 shape and 16+ pts, a 3D bid by EAST would be OK.

After a 2H reverse, WEST can upgrade the value of the QJx of hearts, which was the weakest feature of the hand.
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