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Thursday, December 07, 2006


A K 6 2
Q 10 9 8 6
6 5 4

West is the dealer and all are vulnerable

1 Pass 2 ♣ Pass
2 Pass 3 Pass
3 ♠ Pass 4 ♣ Pass
4 Pass 4 Pass

The key features for the slam is WEST's singleton diamond and EAST's 4th heart. Auctions that show or imply this will make the slam easier to bid.

1H - 2C - 4D splinter isn't a poster child because the singleton is an ace, and WEST lacks a 4th club, but it would work out well here.

1H - 2N (Jacoby = 4hearts) - 3D (stiff diamond) would accomplish the same effect.

Playing no conventions, WEST can't show the stiff diamond. But if WEST thinks EAST might have 5 decent clubs (which sounds right on the actual auction), then he can count 12 tricks even without the spade Q: 9 tricks in the round suits (hearts and clubs), + 3 tricks in the pointy suits.
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